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The Refuge’s Respite and Recovery project

Our goal is to respectfully gather and listen to voices of women who have been trafficked. We are piloting a program to support their empowerment, and work with community organizations and individuals to develop and enhance practices and policies that reflect this learning.

Our work

We offer trauma-informed wellness retreats for women who have been trafficked and wish to volunteer. Our retreats usually take place over a weekend, for three days. We host survivors in our beautiful space at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge, to listen to their voices and to provide some time of healing and peace.


Respite and Recovery is a two-year project, started in April 2022, in support of women who have been trafficked. St. Mary of Egypt Refuge acknowledges the generous support of Women and Gender Equality Canada.

The project involves partnering with experienced organizations and individuals, including those with lived experience to help in listening to women who have been trafficked, with a view to preparing trauma-informed retreats in support of women, and education for those who work with them.

Respite and Recovery retreats are delivered in a quiet and peaceful environment in partnership with professionals and organizations. We hosted the first pilot retreat for survivors of human trafficking in November 2022. We were honored to see how the survivors appreciated their stay here, and participation in the program. St Mary of Egypt Refuge will host two more retreats in 2023 for women who have been trafficked.

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