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Other Programs

What We Offer

The Refuge has its own activities, and is also available for use by appropriate external organizations. Preference is given to charitable groups, faith groups, people working with those in serious need, groups working with families. Priority is given to women, children and men who are in financial or other difficulty. Special rates for groups which serve the needy.

What Guests Have to Say

“My initial reason for going on the retreat at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge was to hide.
I was like many other people going through a hard time and I needed a break.
I made up my mind not to talk to anyone during our journey. I was going to read my novels, listen to my music and write my poetry.
But as we arrived at the refuge this overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude overtook me.
While I was hiding away from my problems, I found something calm and peaceful. And if it wasn’t for St. Mary of Egypt, I probably would have never found it.
Sometimes we are too blinded by worldly worries and we forget to appreciate the real beauty around us. The little things we have every day but take for granted.
This retreat has really helped me connect to my spiritual side and I would recommend it to anyone. It is definitely a life-altering experience.”

   — From the October, 2013, St. Mary of Egypt newsletter, written by Immanuella, who was a resident at Covenant House when she came to the refuge for a three-day retreat.

Hospitality Weekends

During the first weekend of most months, individuals, couples or small groups are welcome to spend the weekend with us. We ask $100 per person (negotiable), and will ask you to share in the work and life of the Refuge; you may choose whether to spend free time alone or with others. Participation is by referral for those who have not yet been at the Refuge.

Come away and rest a while


See our calendar (on the menu bar above) for upcoming retreats.

A retreat is a time set aside from regular life to “come away and rest a while.” Tuition varies with the retreat; subsidies are available.

Retreats are open to people from all walks of life. We have worked with city after-school programs, church groups, single mothers, adults with developmental disabilities, and art therapy groups, among others. Emphasis is on welcoming those who come from a socially disadvantaged position, and for whom this kind of opportunity has mostly been denied.

The goal is to bring people to a deeper sense of connection with themselves and the environment, and possibly healing. For city people, it means time with nature, silence and simplicity. For rural people, it provides a resource for people who are isolated, and may not have access to social services. We provide a place for people to gather and to have for their difficulties a larger community of support, with a circle of care that may be harder to get for some.

Grieving Hearts — November

We offer a healing weekend for those who have experienced loss or bereavement.

Focused Theme Retreats

Watch our calendar (on the menu bar above) for this year's retreats on offer. Past themes have included: For Women; For Men; Ecology; Prayer; Forgiveness; Depression; Broken Hearts.

Intensive University Course

We have held two-week residential summer courses, usually in July. To keep abreast of what's on offer, watch our calendar (on the menu bar above) or contact us and ask to be added to our correspondence list.

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