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An artistic shot of the art area A young fishergirl learned to hook a worm and fish for the first time
Frosty autumn leaves, eye-catching underneath the already-brown foliage covering them Breathlines studio, momentarily forgotten for suppertime

On this page—how can you help us?

How to Contribute Financially

Option 1

Donate on-line for general or specific donations:

  • PayPal
  • Canada Helps

Option 2

Contact us by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail (see our contacts page for details) regarding:

  • - pre-planned monthly or annual contributions
  • - one-time cheque
  • - post-dated monthly cheques
  • - pre-authorized regular credit card donations
  • - cash donation
  • - estate donations (bequests)
  • - donation of shares
  • - other

Donations may be directed to: O·W·L Youth Camps; family time; Project Rachel; St. Phocas Garden; general.

Our charitable registration number is 860560531RR0001.

Our Needed Items

Materials needed include:

- good pots and pans - bookcases and shelving
- non-perishable food items - spices
- arts and crafts supplies - paper towels, tissues, serviettes, toilet paper
- cleaning supplies - fruit trees
- fishing gear

How to Contribute in Other Ways

1) Ask to have your name added to our e-mail list.

2) Receive our newsletter and become part of our ‘extended family’.

3) Pray for our work.

4) Come and spend time with us.

5) Volunteer your time and talents—skills needed include:

- cooking - cabinet-making
- carpentry - certified lifeguards
- gardening - certified babysitters
- landscaping - cleaning and organizing
- communications - volunteers to assist with retreats

Our Thanks

Thank you to the many kind and visionary donors who have supported us over the years. Every gift of every size is an essential ingredient for which we are grateful.

Through your gifts and support, we have been able to purchase a gorgeous, 265 acre property; build on it a six bedroom house, a hermitage, a chapel, and recreation facilities.

We have been able to offer youth camps, family days and weekends, community events, hospitality times, and much more.

Donations of money, donations in kind, one-time donations or regular monthly donations, all are welcome and needed.

We gratefully acknowledge contributions of our organizational, corporate and government donors:

  • Community Food Centres Canada
    Good Food Access Fund (grocery cards, baby supplies)

  • Government of Canada
    Canada Summer Jobs, New Horizons for Seniors Program, Women and Gender Equality Canada

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