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Last day of retreat: a wind-down session
A renewed friendship
Baker with fresh bread, as we sit down for supper


Our mission is to give shelter, warmth and hope in face of poverty and need. Together, we create a home in the countryside where women, men, single parents, children, and any in need can experience safety, community, and belonging in the process of regaining strength and building healthy lives. Rooted in the prayer of the Christian church, we respect the beliefs and faith of all who come.

The purpose of this house is to be a ‘home away from home’ for people who need a break: peace and quiet, shared meals and work, nature, fresh air, prayer space.

The Refuge is about people who share this dream of communion with the poor, with Christ, and with one another, in the most concrete ways: doing dishes, sweeping floors, sharing tasks, meals, and life's events.

Articles on the Concept of the Refuge

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