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Family & Youth Programs

Family Time

Families may wish to spend time at the Refuge, on their own or with other families. The opportunity to be in a beautiful, quiet place, away from regular activities and distractions, can bring rejuvenation and healing. If you have never been at the Refuge before, we ask for a personal reference. Subsidies are available.

“We’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to spend eight days at St. Mary of Egypt Refuge. This was a blessing we needed to be just with one another. My wife, Rezna, and our six children needed time away from work, the city, the internet and TV, and even from friends for a short while. Here we can re-acquaint ourselves with a lot of nature both as a family and in quiet times alone or to take time with a son or daughter or sibling that we may not have had much time to be with because of the business of our lives, at campfires, fishing, swimming, cycling, walking and catching frogs. I have had a chance to fillet a small bass that didn’t survive the hook and to hang my first door (on the hermitage). The chapel provided an atmosphere to pray the rosary and the rapids a contemplative place to pray. We are very grateful to what the Refuge could offer us in this young year of our family.”
   — David Ellis

“This is what I imagine my future home to be.”
   — Joe Ellis, 13

O·W·L Kids' Camps  

OWL Kids' Camps

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O·W·L 2018 camps

Contact us for news about our 2018 camps.

What we’re about

What's it all about? Have a look at this video of our 2015 camps. (Produced by director/cinematographer Lucian.)

‘Our Whole Life’ Kids' Camps are offered each summer at the Refuge: three nights (for beginners) or six nights (for seasoned campers).

Our camps emphasize a family atmosphere and small numbers, with a low ratio of campers to counsellors. Maximum per session: 15 campers.

If you would like to send your child to camp but find finances difficult, apply with us. Subsidies are available.

O·W·L Kids' Camps build up youth in every way: spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. We specialize in offering spots for those who would otherwise not get to go to camp and those in need.

Invitation for next year's camps

Our camps have been highly successful. Four lively camp sessions, over 30 campers, brand new things (built with our many hands) and loads of fun. Friendships and memories are made that will last a lifetime. Why don’t you consider coming along? For more information, talk to us via our contact information below. Watch our calendar (on the menu bar above) for dates, or ask to be added to our e-mail list to get regular updates.

How to apply to attend

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, contact us to get more information and an application form. We’d love to help you get connected to O·W·L Kids' Camps.

How to apply for staff positions

We may be looking to hire camp counsellors, cooks, lifeguards, a camp director and more. Watch our calendar, join our e-mail list, or send us a resumé. To apply, contact us to get an application form. Deadline to apply: May 1. All successful applicants will need to have police clearance.

How to volunteer

Are you a camper at heart? We are too! If you’d like your volunteering to make a lasting contribution, consider O·W·L Kids' Camps. We may have openings for volunteer cooks, construction workers, activity leaders, lifeguards, and cleaners. To apply, contact us to get an application form. Deadline to apply: May 1. All successful applicants will need to have police clearance.

How to donate

Do you believe in sending kids to camp? Maybe you’d like to be involved but don’t know how to. We can always use donations of funds and supplies. To donate funds, click on the ‘Donate’ item on the menu bar above.

Letters from two past campers

What's camp like? In their own words, by past campers:

[1] The camp at St. Mary's Refuge was an amazing experience. Meeting new friends and getting to know people from church a little more was great. Believe it or not, I didn't even want to leave home at first. But after getting settled in and greeting everybody, I REALLY didn't want to leave. From roasting marshmallows, watching movies together, camping out, enjoying a good laugh, building decks, gardening work and getting bitten by mosquitos when you forget to spray yourself. It's all fun (except the mosquito part).
   — A happy camper (Ana Maria S.)

[2] The Saint Mary Of Egypt's Refuge building camp was a lot of fun. One of the biggest differences between it and most other camps is that it was interesting. You got to learn new skills that you are extremely likely to use again. Chapel was a lot of fun for me. It was wonderful to sing and pray together in such a beautiful place. I really enjoyed learning how to build and it was a good place to do it. Everyone was so patient with me, and I learned that it was easier to measure slowly and carefully. It was wonderful to be able at the end of camp, to look down at the deck and say “I did that.” It was a big sense of accomplishment. Everyone seemed to get to know each other really well at camp and I made a lot of new friends. Everyone respected each other and were really kind, and I think that I got to take some of that back with me. It was amazing how much there was to do and how eager and willing everyone was to do it. It was a great experience and it was truly wonderful that everyone could live in such harmony and happiness. All of the counselors were really kind and had the ability to make you laugh all the time; by the end of the camp it felt like everyone was one huge family. It was like Madonna House for kids. I can't wait to go back.
   — Agnes S.

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